It’s Better to be Safe than Sorry

List Per Gas Type



1. SANS 329 Industrial Thermo Processing Equipment – Safety requirements for combustion and fuel-handling systems
2. SANS 347 Categorization and conformity assessment criteria for all pressure equipment
3. Appliances operating on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or natural gas (NG) – Safety aspects
4. SANS 827 The installation of pipes and appliances for use with natural gas
5. ASME B31Q Standard of Pressure Piping


1. EN 161 Automatic shut-off valves for gas burners and gas appliances
2. SANS 50125 / EN 125 Flame supervision devices for gas burning appliances – Thermoelectric flame supervision devices
3. SANS 50331 / EN 331 Manual operated ball valves and close bottom taper plug valves for gas installation for buildings
4. SANS 51854 / EN 1854 Pressure sensing devices for gas burners and gas appliances
5. SANS 50676 / EN 676 Automatic forced draught burners for gaseous fuels.
6. EN13774 Valves for gas distribution systems with maximum operating pressure less than or equal to 16 bar – Performance requirements
7. SANS 15500 / ISO 15500 Road vehicles – Compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system components Part1-20
8. SANS 15403 / ISO 15403 Natural gas – Natural gas for use as a compressed fuel for vehicles – Part 1-2
9. SANS 15970 / ISO 15970 Natural gas – Measurement of properties – Volumetric properties: density, pressure, temperature and compression facto
10. ISO 14469 Road vehicles compressed natural gas
11. SANS 15112 / ISO 15112 Natural gas – Energy determination

For SA National Standards (SANS) go to the SABS website, Click Here, to search and purchase your copy


SABS Standards and Codes of Practice control the industry and are incorporated into the Pressure Equipment Regulations.

They are obtainable from:

SABS, Private Bag x191, Pretoria , 0001

Tel No: (012) 428 6666


SANS 10019: transportable metal containers for compressed gas- basic design, manufacture, use and maintenance

SANS 10087: The handling, storage, distribution and maintenance of liquefied petroleum gas in domestic and industrial installations

Part 1: Liquefied petroleum gas installations involving gas storage containers of individual water capacity not exceeding 500 litres and a combined water capacity not exceeding 3 000 litres per installation

Part 3: Liquefied petroleum gas installations involving storage vessels of individual water capacity exceeding 500 litres

Part 7: Filling premises for refillable liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) containers of gas capacity not exceeding 9 kg including the storage of containers not exceeding 48 kg capacity up to 1500kg


SANS/ISO 4706: Refillable welded steel gas cylinders

SANS 1792-2: Refillable welded steel gas cylinders

Part 2:Local requirements

SANS 199: Cylinder shut off valves for liquefied petroleum gas

SANS 1539: Appliances operating on liquefied petroleum gas – safety aspects

SANS 1237: Single stage low pressure regulators for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)

SANS 1156-2: Hose for liquefied petroleum gas Part 2: Hose and tubing for use in LPG vapour phase and LPG-air installations    All Rights Reserved. WWW.SAQCCGAS.CO.ZA © 2010.


The South African Standards to which we as an industry have to comply are

1. SANS 347: 2007 ‘Categorization and conformity assessment criteria for all pressure equipment’
2. SANS 10147: 2009 ‘Refrigeration systems including plants associated with air conditioning systems’
3. SANS 204: 2008 ‘Energy efficiency in buildings’