It’s Better to be Safe than Sorry

Disciplinary Outcomes

SAQCC Gas: Disciplinary Outcome – Notice 2/2017

Attention: Department of Labour, Gas Associations and Gas Practitioners

The South African Qualification and Certification Committee for Gas (SAQCC Gas) has a mandatory role from the Department of Labour to register gas practitioners and unfortunately also discipline practitioners who transgress the SAQCC Gas Code of Conduct.

Matters of transgression are not always pleasant to deal with but necessary taking into account the effect of the transgression of the Code in damages to property, equipment and especially danger to people’s lives.

The SAQCC Gas has a formal agreement with Quo Vadis, an Industrial Relations Company, to appoint a Presiding Officer over such disciplinary hearings. This approach ensures that hearings are fair, unbiased and transparent in nature.

It is also necessary by means of this notice to inform all of the outcome of these hearings.


The SAQCC Gas had disciplinary hearing recently and the outcome was as follows:

1.     Category : Domestic/Residential

2.     Total accused = 2

3.     Offence: In breach of clause 12 of the SAQCC Gas Code of Good Practice for Gas Practitioners “Be in compliance to the Occupation Health & Safety Act (No 85 of 1993) and all related and applicable standards, regulations and SABS Codes of Practice” placing users and buildings in an unsafe and non-conforming environment which could have resulted in human fatalities.

4.     Sanction:  Deregistration.

5.     One accused is on appeal as to the sanction.


Another very disturbing aspect is the on going illegal practice of the following person:

1. Name: Ms Ilse Wolmarans

2. Category: Domestic (LPG & NG)

3. Offence:  Contravened the Code of Ethics

4. SAQCC no: 125 (withdrawn & de-registered)

5. Penalty: De-registered as gas practitioner on 6 May 09 and still practicing illegally as a non authorised person

6. Current status: Undertakes gas installations at private homes. Contact details are always inaccurate. All reported incidents confirm unsafe and extremely dangerous practices.  Disappears when pursued. On latest incident the home owner was informed to lodge a criminal case with SAPS.

7. Recommendation to associations, practitioners, members, Egoli Gas, Southdowns Estate: Communicate this information urgently to your LPG & NG domestic/commercial market. Report the illegal practice and whereabouts immediately to SAPS